Love it or hate it
Daan Van Golden
White painting
Jenn Mazza
Lover, 2012
Kaz Oshiro
Zero Case Spinner (gun metal - torn FRAGILE sticker) 2011
Acrylic and Bondo on stretched canvas and caster wheels
(79.5 x 51.5 x 25.5 cm)
Irlanda Zantone, 2008-09
Chiara Williams
Charlie Anderson
Low Down Dirty
Spray paint, emulsion and acrylic on canvas
(275 x 640 cm)
Robert Russell
Twombly, 2011
Oil on Canvas
(48 x 64 inches)
Robert Russell
Warhol, 2011
Oil on Canvas
(48 x 64 inches)
Brad Phillips
"Richard Prince"