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The feral child has no use for art.
Without you
Concrete sidewalk. With Lux enabled.



Roman Ondak Poster 2003

This is a picture I did not take of a black hearse with tinted windows traveling at speed down a country road toward an oncoming storm as the morning sky darkened in advance of a tornado watch, and as the hearse sped through incoming rain toward the storm and the edge of Alabama, it was chased by an intrepid State trooper, lights blazing through the now downpour, police siren wailing as the wind of their chase passing twirled piles of wet leaves at the roadside into small spirals, eddies of their own.

8 Million Exhibitions: 7.


A fully functioning, though ghostily empty, airport terminal. You arrive as if entering from a foreign country, and are whisked through by a series of signs towards the baggage carousel. As you stand there, bored and confused, you note that the only item going around on the conveyor belt in an…

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Aspen Mays
Map of the World (after Buckminster Fuller) 2008
Lars Morell
Ink on paper, 2011